10 Best Multivitamins for Women

We put together a list of the ten best multivitamins for women on the market


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Dietary supplements have been on the rise over the years, with many women looking to find what makes them feel better. Herbs, vitamins, and other natural ingredients may boost your mood, jumpstart your metabolism, or help you grow longer and stronger hair. Whatever your area of interest, it’s easy to find what multivitamin, even prenatal vitamins will work best for you. We researched the market options and present the best women’s multivitamins.

1Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women BEST OF THE BEST

Women's Multivitamin Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women

Available on Amazon

This is a vitamin that does it all for women looking for more daily nutrients. In each serving of Optimum Nutrition’s multivitamin for women, you’ll get 23 vitamins and minerals. This includes vitamins C, D, E, K, B, as well as added calcium, iron and folic acid. These support your diet by ensuring you get an appropriate amount of nutrients.

Not only that, but there are nearly 1,000 online Amazon reviewers raving about what they say is a five-star product. The top positive review even says it’s the “holy grail of vitamins,” and has shown improvements in hair, nails, skin, and energy levels. Those with a soy allergy should avoid this product, however, as soy isoflavones are a key component in the multivitamin.

2Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Women SECOND BEST

Women's Multivitamins Garden of Life Vitamin Code
Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Women

Available on Amazon

Garden of Life is known for its unique approach to vitamin and mineral supplements, and it shines in the multivitamin category.

Its vitamin and mineral contents are bolstered by the inclusion of fruit and vegetable powders which have an untold number of nutrients that support the main “alphabet vitamins” and minerals. Independent lab testing ranks its purity and quality very high, which makes it a winning choice.

3Rainbow Light Vibrance Women’s Multivitamin THIRD BEST

Women's Multivitamin Rainbow Light Vibrance
Rainbow Light Vibrance Women’s Multivitamin

Available on Amazon

While more expensive that many supplements on the market today, this multi made from Whole Foods also includes 1,076 mg of a certified organic blend of fruits and vegetables, such as spirulina, acai, pomegranate, blueberry, broccoli, kale, and beet.

4MegaFood Women’s One Daily

Women's Multivitamin MegaFood One Daily
MegaFood Women’s One Daily

Available on Amazon

On their website, this New Hampshire-based brand lists their numerous “sweet certifications,” which include gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan, vegetarian, farm fresh, Kosher, and non-GMO. Plus, these supplements are tested for pesticides and herbicides, follow the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines (which follows processes and procedures to confirm quality, strength, and composition), and are given the stamp of approval from the International Organization for Standardization (“a voluntary body that sets standards for quality assurance”).

5Garden of Life My Kind Organics Women’s Once Daily Multivitamin

Women's Multivitamins Garden of Life My Kind Organics
Garden of Life My Kind Organics Women’s Once Daily Multivitamin

Available on Amazon

A supplement made from certified organic, non-GMO verified whole foods, this product does not contain artificial flavorings, preservatives, and sweeteners, as well as stearic acid (a waxy natural acid found in animal and vegetable fats) and titanium dioxide (an inorganic compound used to brighten products).

6Alive! Women’s Energy

Women's Multivitamins Alive! Women's Energy
Alive! Women’s Energy

Available on Amazon

This economically priced multivitamin contains boron (a trace mineral that helps to improve muscle mass and brain function) and lutein (which can boost eye health), along with a powder blend of 26 fruits and veggies, including broccoli, pumpkin, apple, and tomato.

7New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily Women’s Multivitamin

Women's Multivitamin New Chapter Every Woman's One Daily
New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily Women’s Multivitamin

Available on Amazon

Winner of the Delicious Living’s 2016 Supplement Award, this multi is fermented with certified organic and non-GMO whole foods and beneficial probiotics. Each of their products are designed by holistic specialists and tested for harmful substances, such as heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides.

8Nature Made Multivitamin for Her with Iron and Calcium

Women's Multivitamins Nature Made
Nature Made Multivitamin for Her with Iron and Calcium

Available on Amazon

This reasonably priced multivitamin supplement doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It’s also gluten and yeast free, which makes it a viable option for those suffer from celiac disease or yeast overgrowth.

9NOW Eve Women’s Multivitamin

Women's Multivitamin NOW Eve
NOW Eve Women’s Multivitamin

Available on Amazon

This vitamin is both vegan and vegetarian and contains three superfruits: pomegranate (which contains nearly three more antioxidants than green tea), acai (which is known to boost the immune system) and mangosteen (which are loaded with fiber, vitamin C and B-vitamins).

10Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin for Women

Multivitamin for Women Naturelo One Daily
Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin for Women

Available on Amazon

Naturelo might be the company that does “natural” best. The vitamins and minerals in their women’s multivitamin are extracted from a wide range of naturally-occurring sources, ranging from acerola cherries (vitamin C) to kelp (iodine). This product is GMO free, soy free, gluten free, gelatin free, preservative free, with no artificial preservatives, coloring, or flavoring.

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