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Our top 10 list of men's fragrances


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In the grooming world, a man is defined by his scent. Nothing earns a man more aromatic allure more than a refined cologne. In fact, 8 out of 10 men use some kind of scented product according to a report by the NPD Group. This insatiable appetite has spawned countless new colognes and propped up an industry last estimated to be worth some $27.1 billion, with that increasing to $37 billion come 2021. To find the best scent that defines your style we put together a list of the most popular men’s fragrances based on consumer ratings.

1Creed Aventus

Best Colognes For Men Creed Aventus
Creed Aventus

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Aventus maintains one of the most memorable scents that lives up to its billing – power, strength and virility in fragrance form. The luxury cologne features an audacious blend of pineapple, black currant, establishing a smoky milieu that’s irresistible, to say the least. It’s bold and striking enough to warrant emperor recognition, disseminating confidence and dominance with every spray. High price tag on this cologne, but justified.

2Versace Eros Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Best Colognes For Men Versace Eros 
Versace Eros

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Inspired by the Greek god of love, Versace Eros is a top-seller. A vibrant mix of green apple, lemon zest and mint leaves gives off a clean and vibrant redolence that suggests virility without coming on too strong. Sillage is marked incredibly high at about 10+ hours, so obviously we’re talking a fragrance with endurance. Business meetings. Formal events. Tinder dates. It’s remarkably balanced to accommodate any occasion or budget.

3Sauvage by Christian Dior Eau de Toilette for Men

Best Colognes For Men
Sauvage by Christian Dior

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Built on the foundation of chypre and woody notes, Sauvage owns a mystique, yet polarizing scent with an acquired taste. A combination of accords such as geranium, lavender, Sichuan pepper, vetiver, and patchouli produce an airy aroma reminiscent of the outdoors. Projection and sillage meet high expectations with a solid 6-8 hours of emanation. Fresh, simple and pungently welcoming, it’s an elegant touch for any outfit or social situation, and a great value.

4Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme

Best Colognes For Men Polo Red Extreme
Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme

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The most dynamic scent of the Polo Red collection, Extreme is an energetic cologne with universal appeal that delivers an impactful aroma dominated by a robust blend of black coffee, black ebony wood and blood orange essences. It’s a sweet-centric fragrance exuding mature vibes much like another contemporary favorite, Paco Rabanne 1 Million. The only difference is scent intensity, as Extreme intensely evokes the senses without overwhelming the smeller. Ralph Lauren even put some thought into the bottle design with the masculine matte finish becoming a symbol piece for well-groomed stallions. More rewarding is its current price.

5Paco Rabanne 1 Million Privé

Best Colognes For Men Paco Rabanne 1 Million Privé
Paco Rabanne 1 Million Privé

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An enhanced version of the eau de toilette, this parfum alternative is an edgier cologne that stands apart from its predecessor, scent-wise that is, while retaining many of its signature traits. Tones of myrrh and tobacco find their way into the formula this time around, playing nicely with some of the other leathery elements for a richer overall scent. Top notes of cinnamon and blood mandarin give it a fiery essence a well. Then comes the bullion-bar packaging with copper base and gold accents for that opulent glamor appeal.

6Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male (Popeye)

Best Colognes For Men Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male (Popeye)
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male (Popeye)

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Gimmicky in concept, paramount in performance, Jean Paul Gaultier’s timeless fragrance cultivates the Le Male DNA with a lighter texture through the addition of ambroxan, a friendly scent that steers the formula into a daring and more satisfying direction. The sensual base of sage and vanilla feeds off clean notes like neroli flower and mint to create fresher scents, culminating in a woody, oriental composition fashioned for energetic projection. So why Popeye on the front of iconic bottle design? Simple. The spinach-eating sailor serves as a representation of the cologne’s strength and masculinity.

7Pi Neo by Givenchy for Men

Best Colognes For Men Pi Neo
Pi Neo by Givenchy for Men

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This fragrance is similar to the popular Armani Code, but it lasts twice as long and costs half as much. It’s a bright, summery scent – but includes a central note of anise (licorice) that makes it feel complex and unique. Pi Neo is a perfect accessory for warm weather clothing, whether it’s formal or casual dress.

8Tom Ford Tobacco Oud

Best Colognes For Men Tobacco Oud
Tom Ford Tobacco Oud

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Tobacco is a very sharp and masculine scent. Oud, a woody Saudi Arabian perfume, is similarly rugged and dominant in flavor. If you want to smell like you’ve got hair on your chest, this is one of the best men’s colognes for you. One thing to note: Tobacco Oud smells better in the air than close to the nose. This is a scent for when you’re trying to get someone’s attention.

9F Ferragamo Black by Salvatore Ferragamo

Best Colognes For Men F Ferragamo Black
F Ferragamo Black by Salvatore Ferragamo

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This is one of the best smelling affordable scents for men. Lavender & Tonka Bean are the prominent notes. The moderate sillage prevents this incredibly long lasting (5-6 hours) fragrance from offending sensitive noses. A work friendly scent that you can wear in close contact like on a date or at a crowded nightclub. The affordable pricing is a big plus.

10Aqua Di Gio Profumo by Giorgio Armani

Best Colognes For Men Aqua Di Gio
Aqua Di Gio Profumo by Giorgio Armani

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Take the #1 selling men’s cologne of all time, add some incense, make it longer lasting and you have Aqua Di Gio Profumo. It smells just as great as the original and lasts much longer. The perfect pick for spring, summer, fall, day or night. The fragrance is aquatic, woody, and aromatic. A mix of spices and citrus notes gives way to subtle tones of geranium, sage, and rosemary, pulsing with recognizable whiffs of patchouli and incense.

This is an incredibly long lasting fragrance with one of the most original scents. Armani’s inspiration intention with this intensely masculine fragrance was to transport the wearer and those around him out to the Mediterranean Sea.

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