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Many people think hand wraps are meant to cushion the hands and act as thin protective covers in the same way boxing gloves act as protective covers. But there is a reason that boxing bag gloves and hand wraps are different. Hand wraps are not meant to cushion the hands but to reinforce them and prevent damage to small bones and delicate joints. The best hand wraps are also durable enough to help protect against skin damage if used properly. A good hand wrap is one that adequately supports both the wrists and the knuckles. Due to all the punching involved, these are the parts of your body that are particularly susceptible to injury. Protecting yourself should be your number one priority, so wear the best hand wraps you can get!

Our list is comprised of the best hand wraps the market has to offer. Whether cotton or a cotton-elastic blend, short tail or long, only the best of the best made the list.

1Meister Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps  BEST OVERALL

Hand Wraps Meister Semi-Elastic
Meister Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps

Available on Amazon

The best hand wraps come from Meister MMA, a company built around the sale of quality martial arts gear. They offer just about everything a martial artist may need from hand wraps and hand wrap winders to gear deodorizers and protective cups. Meister MMA’s hand wraps are semi-elastic and can be purchased in an array of patterns and colors, giving them a nice personal touch that many hand wrap sellers lack.

PROS Sold in pairs.
Hook and loop closure.
Cotton and spandex blend material.
CONS Thin material.

Hook and Loop Closure

Hook and loop closure is the generic term for the closure system that is most often sold by the Velcro company. With stiff hooks on one end of the wrap and a soft section of loops for them to attach to, hook and loop closure systems allow for an extremely personalized fit for every user, every time. They are also easy to adjust, as hook and loop kits can usually be purchased at any craft store and sewn into the most convenient locations on the wrap

Spandex and Cotton Blend

Stretchy hand wraps have become more popular in recent years and are sometimes referred to as “Mexican Style wraps” because of their popularity with Mexican boxers and wrestlers. Hand wraps with elastic in them allow for a little more variety in their fit as they can either be stretch taut or left a little slack to allow the wrist more room depending on what the user wants.

Cost and Value

These hand wraps are highly rated by users and are affordable as well. The affordable cost also means that they are easy to replace when the elastic wears out, as all elastic eventually does. Meister MMA’s hand wraps are on the thin side, but they are strong and that is critical for a product that is intended to reinforce, not cushion.

2Pro Impact Mexican Style Hand Wraps 2nd BEST OVERALL 

Hand Wraps Pro Impact Mexican Style
Pro Impact Mexican Style

Available on Amazon

Pro Impact ranks second on our list with their boxing-centric hand wraps. This is a company that is all about boxing. They provide punching bags, gloves, and training gear in just about every size, color, and style a boxer could want. Their hand wraps are machine washable and incredibly durable, making them ideal for anyone who plans on clocking plenty of time with their hand wraps on.
PROS Sold in pairs.
Machine washable.
CONS Poor customer service.

Machine Washable

Smelly gym gear is the ultimate metaphor for anything that smells so bad it could clear out a room. Anyone who spends a lot of time in a gym will tell you that the metaphor isn’t very far off from the truth, either. Hand wraps are especially at risk for gaining an unpleasant odor because they are not only in contact with the user’s hands but with anything the user touches. Some branches of martial arts, such as boxing, add an extra level of odor risk because users will often wrap their wrists and then put on their gloves, leading to further sweating. Machine washable bands are the easiest way to avoid this as they give users the option of just throwing the bands in with the rest of the laundry.


It stands to reason that sports supplies will be durable and martial arts supplies even more so. Pro Impact has built its business on their boxing products and the durability of their products is a testament to the dedication they show their products and their customers. Their hand wraps are no different. They are made to last despite being thin and flexible enough to give coverage and protection to a range of users.

Cost and Value

This set of hand wraps is a little more expensive than the Meister MMA wraps but there are a few key points to these wraps that might entice buyers to spend the extra money for Pro Impact. Pro Impact is a better-known brand and it focused solely on boxing which might make boxers a little more keen to trust the brand. The bands are also machine washable which has become more and more important in recent years as people manage their time for martial arts practice. The company does not have the best customer service record, may give buyers pause.

3Sanabul Elastic Hand Wraps 3rd BEST OVERALL

Hand Wraps Sanabul Elastic
Sanabul Elastic

Available on Amazon

Sanabul is a little unique among the companies on this list in that they focus on two specific branches of martial arts. Their products are intended for MMA and Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, but that does not mean that they can’t be applied to other branches of martial arts. This is especially true of their hand wraps. Made of a cotton blend, they are very breathable and fast-drying to prevent chafing and discomfort during use. And with the most affordable price tag on our list, they’re a great value.
PROS Breathable and fast drying.
Polyester, cotton, and elastic blend material.
Thumb loop and velcro closure.
CONS Thin.

Breathable and Fast-Drying

Exercise makes you sweat, your hands included. This can become incredibly uncomfortable, particularly if you have hand wraps on that cause your hands to sweat more and prevent them from drying. Sanabul’s hand wraps tackle this problem on two fronts and they do it well. The wraps are breathable to help keep your palms cool and they are fast-drying which means the fabric can wick away more moisture than other wraps.

Cotton Blend

Sanabuls’ hand wraps are a cotton, polyester, and elastic blend. This combination combines the best traits of all three materials for a tight-fitting wrap that is more comfortable to wear than many other styles. The cotton gives the wrap durability and strength while the polyester adds in another layer of durability and a little bit of softness. Elastic allows the bands to stretch in ways that cotton and polyester alone cannot. The result is a hand wrap that will give you the right fit every time.

Cost and Value

These hands wraps are the Best Value choice on our list which is no easy feat. A pair costs about $6.50 using durable material. Sanabul’s cotton, polyester, and elastic blend offer a uniquely snug fit while the fast-drying and breathable material will keep palms cool and the user’s focus on their practice, not their hands.

4RDX Training Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps RDX Training
RDX Training

Available on Amazon

RDX is a company dedicated to fitness for the whole family. Most of their products could be applied to any branch of martial arts and can even find utility in a standard gym setting. Most of the products have received high ratings and a quick look at their hand wrap makes it clear that quality is part of this company’s mission. Their hand wrap features a unique glove design, reinforced stitching around the fingers, and carbon fiber woven into the fabric for a combination not seen anywhere else on this list.
PROS Glove style.
Carbon fiber blend material.
Reinforced stitching around fingers.
CONS More like a glove than a wrap.

Carbon Fiber Blend Fabric

RDX is the one and only company on our list to offer hand wraps that feature a carbon fiber blend. This material is incredibly strong and has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so. It is most often found in car parts, body armor, and other safety items but it is rarely interwoven with fabrics for items like hand wraps. A cotton and carbon fiber blend is sure to give an added layer of protection to the fragile bones of the hands and wrists when they are properly wrapped.

Reinforced Stitching

These hand wraps are unique on our list in that they are not just hand wraps. RDX designed their hand wraps as part of a glove-and-wrap combination. Such a combination would usually mean more area at risk for wear and tear, but RDX confronted this issue head-on by reinforcing the stitching around the fingers and wrist hem of the glove. Reinforced stitching usually means a longer lifespan for the product, giving a little more credence to the price point for this product.

Cost and Value

The value of these hand wraps depends largely on whether a buyer wants a built-in glove or not. RDX’s glove-and-wrap combination will not cushion a user’s hand any more than a standard wrap will, but some users might look favorably on a wrap that can go between their fingers without the extra work of using a standard hand wrap. This unique style comes with a uniquely high price point as well but if someone is in the market for a starter wrap or a wrap they can apply more quickly, this still might be their ideal product.

5Venum Boxing Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps Venum Boxing
Venum Boxing

Available on Amazon

For the athletic person, there is very little you might need that Venum does not provide. Their products cover just about every mainstream fighting style from MMA to karate. They offer products for men, women, and children so that everyone in the family can get it on the fitness. From training gear to “athleisure wear”, they have the bases covered. Style is not the only trait they bring to the table, however. Their products consistently receive high ratings and their hand wraps easily found a place on this list.
PROS Wide range of colors available.
Hook and loop closure.
Cotton and elastic blend material.
CONS Expensive.

Cotton Blend Material

Venum’s hand wraps are made of a durable cotton blended with elastic. This combination allows the fabric to retain much of the breathability and longevity of cotton while adding additional stretch that is not a natural trait of the material. Cotton and elastic blends are generally favored among boxers because it allows the wearer to pull the hand wrap tight, cinching it against the skin and providing strong support for the small and easily-broken bones of the hands and wrists.

Hook and Loop Closure System

Hook and loop closure is, by far, the most popular closure style among hand wraps. Traditional hand wraps were often ties on, but with hook and loop closure there is less guesswork involved and less risk of the hand wraps coming undone. Hook and loop closures are also easy to care for, easy to move, and easy to mend should the need arise.

Cost and Value

Venum’s wraps can vary in price range. The pricing seems to vary based on the seller so we suggest buying your wraps directly from Venum or a trusted reseller in order to get the best value for your money.

6Fairtex Cotton Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps Fairtex Cotton
Fairtex Cotton

Available on Amazon

Fairtex is not a well-known company but that does not seem to have slowed them down. They offer a wide range of martial arts gear, most of it intended for practitioners of Muay-Thai and MMA, though their products are well made and would work well for practitioners of just about any other martial arts style. Their products are well-made and have consistently high ratings. The only downside seems to be the price tag that comes with that kind of quality.
PROS Hook and loop closure.
100% Cotton.
Wide range of styles.
CONS Most expensive.

100% Cotton

Most of the hand wraps on this list are cotton blended with elastic and, in a few cases, polyester. Many users like the tension that elastic lends to a cotton blend. For those who want the taut nature of pure cotton, however, there is Fairtex. 100% cotton hand wraps are breathable, easy to wash, and more easily mended than blends should a tear or rip occur. They may cost a little more, but the ability to mend the fabric and the lack of elasticity breakdown give them a longer life than most blended fabrics.

Available in a Wide Range of Styles

The color or design of a hand wrap might seem like a frivolous concern to some people, but to others this is a major sticking point and Fairtex has that covered. These hand wraps are available in a range of colors and several prints, giving buyers the option of customizing their look and making sure their hand wraps stand out. This would be particularly helpful for people who might share a house – but not equipment – with other martial artists or who need to match their hand wraps to the color of the uniform.

Cost and Value

Fairtex’s hand wraps do not come cheap. Their wraps are actually the most expensive wraps on our list, but there are several key factors that might make the investment worth it. Fairtex’s wraps are 100% cotton which would be ideal for anyone who may have contact allergies to elastic or polyester. Such allergies are rare, but they do exist. Fairtex’s range of color and print options may also entice buyers to spend the extra money, particularly when those styles are coupled with the longer life expectancy of a 100% cotton hand wrap.

7Title Hook and Loop Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps Title Hook and Loop
Title Hook and Loop

Available on Amazon

Title Boxing’s dedication to quality boxing products shows in their consistently high ratings and their focused product line. Their hand wraps are just one more example of this dedication. Affordable and designed for both effectiveness and ease of use, Title Boxing’s hand wraps easily found a place on our list.
PROS Hook and loop closure.
Quality brand.
Thumb loop design.
CONS Pink color seems to wear easily.

Quality Brand

Title Boxing is a company with a reputation for quality and affordability, their products never sacrificing one for the other. Purchasing a Title Boxing product almost always means purchasing a product that you can rely on time and again to help you reach your training goals.

Hook and Loop Closure

Hook and loop closure systems have become extremely common since they were first introduced in the 1940’s. Hand wraps are ideal for this type of closure system because it allows the user to find the perfect fit every time. Hook and loop closure systems can also be easily moved or repaired should they become damaged. This gives a little bit of added life to the product, adding to its value.

Cost and Value

Title Boxing’s hand wraps are among the more affordable on this list. The company’s reputation builds an excellent foundation for the quality of these wraps and the construction of the wraps themselves only builds from there. A hook and loop closure system means that the wrap will end with the perfect fit every time while a built-in thumb loop gives practitioners an easy and consistent place to start their wrap time after time. The biggest downfall of these wraps seems to be specifically with the pink wraps. Multiple reviews state that the pink wraps wear out faster than the other colors, though nobody is quite sure why this is. Buyers looking for something pretty in pink might want to check out one of the other listed brands, but buyers who are willing to go with black or yellow will enjoy these hand wraps.

8Elite Boxing & MMA Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps Elite Boxing & MMA
Elite Boxing & MMA

Available on Amazon

Elite Sports might not be a household name in martial arts equipment but it should be. Everything they sell is either martial arts equipment or training equipment. They don’t limit themselves to one branch of martial arts and instead choose to offer quality products for multiple branches that include Muay Thai, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and boxing. Their hand wraps are not the cheapest on our list but they do have a wonderful combination of features that would dry just about any buyer’s eye
PROS Machine washable.
Ultra-soft for comfort.
Fast drying.
CONS Thin.

Machine Washable

Most people today do not have time (or desire) to hand wash things. There are notable exceptions, of course, but athletic equipment rarely makes the cut. Elite Sports takes care of this issue with their machine washable hand wraps. The hook and loop closures on these bands might snap other clothes in the wash, but if those are properly secured these wraps can just be thrown in with the rest of the gym gear and run through a normal wash cycle.

Ultra-Soft and Fast Drying

Hand wraps serve a dual purpose. They are supposed to reinforce the small bones of the hands and wrists, but they are also supposed to give some marginal protection to the wearer’s skin as well. Elite Sports obviously took this second duty seriously and made their hand wraps ultra-soft and fast-drying. This combination of features makes sure that the skin is not chafed by the material and does not develop issues from long hours of sweating against the wraps.

Cost and Value

Elite Sports prices their hand wraps around $10 and the price seems well worth it. The company is known for their quality products so this is most certainly a case of getting what you pay for. Ultra-soft hand wraps are uncommon which adds to the value of these wraps, particularly when Elite Sports made them both ultra-soft and fast-drying.

9Kakoa All Purpose Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps Kakoa All Purpose
Kakoa All Purpose

Available on Amazon

Kakao sports is a bit of an unknown in terms of a company reputation. They have only one item for sale on Amazon and it is their hand wraps. That one product seems to be fairly popular, however. They are durable and lightweight, designed with features that make them easy to use, and the biggest complaint most people had about them is that the hand wraps are attached to one another during shipping and appear to only be one wrap when the package is opened.
PROS Lightweight and durable.
Available in a range of sizes.
Designed with thumb loops.
CONS Pair ships as a single roll.

Lightweight and Durable

Durability is widely understood to be vitally important when deciding between brands of martial arts equipment. Sports equipment, in general, sees a lot of use and wear during its lifetime and martial arts equipment is even more prone to wear and damage. But there is a flipside to durability that must also be considered and that is whether or not the product is lightweight. Durable products tend to be heavy or, in the case of hand wraps, thick. This is because more dense items usually take longer to wear through or break. But thick hand wraps can also cause the user to sweat more or chafe against the skin and do damage instead of protecting the user’s wrists and hands. Kakao’s hand wraps are both lightweight and durable, blending the best that hand wraps can offer.

Available in a Range of Sizes

Many of the hand wraps on this list one come in one size and that is 180 inches. Kakao takes their product one step further and offers a second size of 108 inches which they bill as an ideal length for faster and more lightweight wrapping styles. There is also occasionally a 120-inch length, but it seems sold out more often than not.

Cost and Value

A few factors about this product bumped it down the list, however, and those same factors may affect their value for some buyers. These factors include a relatively low number of reviews, the lack of additional information on the company, and the relatively high price point in comparison to other similar hand wraps. The variety of sizes and colors available might be enough to counter these shortcomings, however, particularly for buyers who have smaller wrists or want a less dense wrap.

10Revgear Elastic Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps Revgear Elastic
Revgear Elastic

Available on Amazon

Some companies approach martial arts as art forms and emphasize that aspect of the practices. Revgear is among another kind of company, one that appreciates the martial parts of martial arts. Their products are predominantly safety and training gear for those who intend to use their martial arts for self-defense and this is reflected in not only some of the products but the design of their products as well.
PROS Available in cotton-only.
Designed with thumb loops.
Hook and loop closure.
CONS Thin.

Two Types of Material Available

Revgear’s hand wraps are unique in that they are available as both a cotton blend or 100% cotton. Every other wrap on this is available in one form or the other, but this material option gives buyers the opportunity to try both materials and determine which they prefer without the worry that differences from one company to another make a bigger difference than the difference in material types.

Thumb Loop Design

Thumb loops are common among the hand wraps on this list but that does not make them any less useful or important. Experienced hand wrappers might prefer to use a wrap without a designated spot for their thumb, but practitioners across the experience spectrum will find the thumb loops easier when starting out their wraps. Most loops are also reinforced and easily repaired should a tear occur.

Cost and Value

Revgear’s hand wraps pricing places them in the center of this list’s price spectrum. Some might feel that the added cost will mean additional quality but their average review is much the same as reviews for similar but more affordable wraps. Unless you are a fan of Revgear or are really looking for hand wraps that can be bought as 100% or a cotton blend, you will get a better value out of one of the other wrap sets on this list.

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