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Are you looking to add some extra protein to your diet? Perhaps you want to build muscle or recover quickly from a workout. Or perhaps your doctor has placed you on a low-fat diet, and you’re concerned that you won’t be getting enough protein on your new eating regimen. A protein powder supplement can help you with all of these concerns. Whatever your situation, one thing is certain: you want a protein powder that’s safe and effective. If you’re not a health supplement aficionado, choosing the right protein powder can be a daunting process.

1NAKED NUTRITION Undenatured 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder BEST OF THE BEST

Whey Protein Powder NAKED NUTRITION Undenatured 100% Grass-Fed
Naked Nutrition

Available on Amazon

 Pros Sourced from grass fed cows. Pure ingredients make it blend easily and it tastes incredibly fresh—not to mention it is the healthiest powder available.
 Cons More expensive, nut you are paying for pure, high quality ingredients.
Bottom Line The healthiest, purest protein on the market right now.

2XPI SUPPLEMENTS Myotein Powder/Shake

Myotein Powder/Shake XPI SUPPLEMENTS
XPI Supplements

Available on Amazon

 Pros Great taste, far fewer preservatives and filler than most, and a great combination of ingredients.
 Cons Comparable in price with similar products until you realize how much you have to use. Gets expensive in a hurry.
Bottom Line Relatively pricey, but if taste is a big factor for you it’s a good investment.



Protein Powder BSN SYNTHIA-6

Available on Amazon

 Pros Delicious taste, versatile, and builds muscle as advertised. More affordable than some other options.
 Cons Very high soy content. May turn some people off.
Bottom Line Our pick for best value. You can spend more, but we love the taste and the results. Hard to go wrong with this.



Optimum Nutrition

Available on Amazon

 Pros Gets excellent ratings for taste and effectiveness. The go-to powder for those who want an all-whey supplement.
 Cons If you don’t want all whey, this may not be ideal for you.
Bottom Line  The best value. A bit pricey on a per serving basis, but almost everyone will be served well by this high quality product.

5NATURE’S BEST Isopure Perfect Zero Carb

Zero Carb NATURE'S BEST Isopure Perfect
Nature’s Best

Available on Amazon

 Pros Effective. As the name suggests, a whey protein powder with no carbohydrates.
 Cons Doesn’t taste as good as other brands.
Bottom Line  Works well, but it is clearly an acquired taste.


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