Avocado Citrus Salad

Juicy, tart citrus. And then, creamy avocado. Tangy pickled red onion. Finished with a honey lime vinaigrette to bring everything together. As a result, this...
Meal Prep Essentials Glass Meal Prep Containers 

Meal Prep Essentials That Make Eating Healthy Easier

Have you ever purchased lunch because you just didn't have time to prepare anything at home? Then think to yourself "I could have bought...
Healthy soup recipe

Black Bean Mushroom Carrot Soup

This soup comes together effortlessly and in 20 quick minutes you will be serving what could potentially be you next favorite soup! How to make...
Healthy chicken recipe

Barbecue Chicken Kale Wraps

Smooth, lacinato kale (aka dinosaur kale) is topped with barbecue chicken, carrots and cabbage in this healthy, gluten-free lettuce wrap recipe. Try them for...
Healthy Hot Chocolate

Healthy Hot Chocolate

This healthier cup of hot chocolate uses low-fat milk, natural cocoa powder and just enough sugar to sweeten things up without going overboard on...

The Best Keto Cookbooks

H ave you been looking for the best keto cookbooks on the market?  Look no further! There are so many recipes available online, and...
Fruit Smoothie for Vegans

Vegan Fruit Smoothie

In this easy vegan smoothie recipe, tofu adds protein and creaminess to whatever frozen fruit you have on hand. Along with a vegan protein regimen,...
Vegan Cookbook Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck

Top 5 Must-Have Vegan Cookbooks

I f you are looking for a vegan cookbook for your library, here are  five books that are essential for anyone looking to create...
Smoothie Recipe

Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie

Green smoothies seem to be everywhere these days, but buying a bottle a day can quickly add up! Give yourself a health boost at...
Here are seven nutritionist-approved dips

7 Healthy Alternatives To Ranch For People Who Love To Dip Things

Whether you’re at a football tailgate, a holiday party, or simply standing in front of your refrigerator, few things are more fun to eat...

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