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The Best Selfie Sticks Perfect Day Foldable Extendable

The Best Selfie Sticks

Having the best selfie stick will enable you to take pictures of yourself and your friends without somebody having to be “out...
Bose Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling

10 Best Over Ear Headphones For Working Out

Music is an integral part of an active lifestyle. It keeps you fighting, pushes you harder and is a constant companion through the struggle. Headphones are...
Waterproof Camera Olympus TG-5

10 Best Waterproof Cameras

When it comes to investing in the right camera for you, it can be an overwhelming process. Even though they may be small in...
Earbuds Bose SoundSport Free

The Best Sports Headphones for Your Workout

Workout-friendly headphones and earbuds have a sweat-resistant coating and a snug fit to ensure they stay in place during your toughest gym sessions. Most...
Fitness wearables Moov Now

The Best Fitness Wearables 2018: Stay Fit In Style This Year

Physical fitness is no longer the same as it would be in the past. People these days are connecting it with the technology for...
Travel cameras Panasonic TZ1000

The Best Travel Cameras 2018: Cameras You Can take Almost Anywhere

Traveling doesn’t need to be expensive. Global travel bloggers are exploring new ways to help you enjoy budget traveling with nearly $10 budget per...
Apple Gymkit

Apple GymKit is coming to a treadmill near you

Exercise gadget integration hasn’t exactly been elegant in the past. It’s been half a decade since Apple transitioned to the lighting connector, and still...
The five best action cameras dominate on the marketvideo

5 Best Action Cameras You Must Have

THE five best action cameras dominate on the market. Amazing clarity, stability, and slow-motion capabilities. Order today on links below..   1. Camorama at Amazon. 2. Casio G'z...
Samsung Gear Sport Review:

Samsung Gear Sport review: A versatile fitness-first smart watch

As the holiday season approaches and New Year’s and its inevitable fitness-related resolutions draw near, wearables makers are scrambling. Major brands like Apple and...

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