Meet the New Blender Cooker

The new Instant Pot Ace-60 high performance cooking blender


The high performance blender from the makers of the Instant Pot is a culinary game-changer. We are all familiar with slow cookers and food processors, but imagine our curiosity when hearing about the Ace 60 Cooking Blender, a super-high performance blender from the genius minds who brought us the Instant Pot. The Ace does everything its high-tech competition does, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Features of the Instant Pot ACE-60 Cooking Blender

1.) One Touch Programming

The Ace comes with eight one-touch smart settings that, like the Instant Pot’s one-touch smart settings, help take guesswork out of the picture. Four of the programs are for cold foods:

• Smoothies
• Frozen Desserts
• Crushed Ice
• Nut/Oat (Almond) Milk

Four Programs For Hot Foods:

• Soup
• Purée
• Soy Milk
• Rice Milk

The Ace also has a Pulse / Clean button that lets you to break up large chunks of food. Go ahead and toss in the extra-frozen pieces of strawberry or banana.

2.) Can Cook Soup

It seems “one-pitcher meals” are the new one-pot meals! Like some high-end blenders out there, the Ace can actually cook your soups in addition to blending them. You can make your soups start-to-finish in the blender, or roast vegetables and then purée in the blender to finish.

3.) Good Price Point

If you consider this blender actually does, you appreciate the time and money you can save using multiple appliances.

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