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There is more to good-looking hair than genetics. True, your genes have a lot to do with whether your hair is naturally straight or curly, dark or light, but properly styling what your ancestors gave you to work with is important. Whether your hair falls into the “good-looking” category or the “he needs to do something about his hair” category it requires styling.

So we did our research and compiled a list of products that make buying options for your styling needs easier. Here are the ten best products on the market today based on user experience.

1American Crew Pomade MEDIUM HOLD

Pomade for Men American Crew
American Crew Pomade

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American Crew has established themselves as a classic men’s brand that you can find in barbershops and department stores alike with their hair gels, hair clay and countless other products. Their popular pomade is well liked for giving a nice medium hold and a quiet, but refreshing natural scent.

American crew is not only great for the convenience of their supply, but they’re well-known for putting out quality products and their pomade is no different. American crew says they recommend the pomade for “romantic wear,” so do what you will with that advice, but you’ll love the shine you get either way.

2Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade STRONG HOLD


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Suavecito Firme Hold comes with glowing user reviews because it packs a ton of benefit into a 4oz. jar without charging an arm and a leg. First, the hold is strong, but the application is easier as this is a creamy pomade. If you sport a classic pompadour this is the product for you.

Users really like the scent for its manly touch, a blend of woody and floral.

This is a water-based pomade that makes for easy clean-up and carries a moderate shine. The moderate shine seems to be most popular because it is that happy medium between bone dry and just-left-the-swimming-pool wet. Benefits and style have this sleek looking jar of pomade as number one on amazon right now.

3Uppercut Monster Hold Pomade STRONG HOLD


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Uppercut Monster is getting rave user reviews from active men that enjoy the sweat-resistant formula and the ability to keep a slick style even when working out. Love the logo too – even Frankenstein’s monster can rock Elvis’ coif with Uppercut Monster Hold Pomade.

Uppercut’s Monster is a metaphor for the monster hold this pomade will give your hair. The sweat resistant, mega-hold pomade allows you to sculpt and hold in place the most difficult style and, here’s the best part, you won’t need a high-powered pressure washer to wash it out like some cheap mega-hold products; the pomade washes out with ease and you can restyle in the morning.

4Smooth Viking Pomade LIGHT HOLD

Pomade for Men
Smooth Viking

Available on Amazon

Smooth Viking Pomade is another crowd pleaser because it is really great for managing all styles and textures of hair. The medium hold keeps hair in place but feels light, and the shine is glowing and vibrant.

Another water-based pomade so removal will be easy, which is really nice for those that use it on coarse hair. The scent gets mixed reviews: some claim they love the clean, “barber shop” scent and others say it is clean but too strong. Either way, the 2oz. jar is very reasonable on the wallet and can be used wet or dry.

5Baxter of California Clay Pomade STRONG HOLD

Pomade for Men Baxter of California Clay
Baxter of California

Available on Amazon

Of all the products on this list, this one has perhaps the best texturing ability. That’s a big plus for a lot of guys and one of the key reasons to invest. You don’t need much of this pomade to keep your hair perfectly groomed for the entire day.  And, it’s infused with natural ingredients such as clay and beeswax, the texturizing formula creates a strong, pliable hold without shine.

This is pomade great for taming cowlicks and fly-aways and does well with modern styles, while the hold lasts all day and smells great.

6Rocky Mountain Barber Company FIRM HOLD

Pomade for Men Rocky Mountain Barber Company
Rocky Mountain Barber Company

Available on Amazon

Rocky Mountain for Men is a natural hair pomade that does a good job keeping your hair where you want it without torturing your scalp or making you look like you dipped your head in an oil pan. It provides firm, all day hold even if your hair is a bit longer, which is not something every pomade can claim. The fact that it comes in a 5 oz. rather than the standard 4 oz. jar is a bonus. Rocky Mountain also does something we wish more pomade makers would do; it de-emphasizes scent. so it doesn’t compete with your cologne. This is not to say it’s fragrance free but the scent it does have is very light and barely perceptible until you get right on top of it. That said you’ll want to make sure you work this pomade between your hands a bit before applying as it comes out of the can a bit firm.

7Uppercut Deluxe Pomade FIRM HOLD

Pomade for Men
Uppercut Deluxe

Available on Amazon

Uppercut Deluxe works into your hair easily and never feels greasy or hard. It does however fulfill its mission of providing you with firm all-day hold even if your hair is a bit longer. It’s a water-based pomade the features a moderate shine and a light to moderate scent that has both coconut and vanilla overtures. Many users appreciate the fact that Uppercut Deluxe allows their hair to retain a fairly soft feel even though it’s being held firmly in place. There are no harsh chemicals used in the Uppercut Deluxe formula that are going to cause your scalp to revolt or have you itching your head all day. And even if you’ve used a fair amount to hold your Robert Smith 1989 throwback do it will wash out with ease at the end of the day.

It’s actually possible to add a little volume to your hair with this pomade – as long as you’re not afraid of the hair dryer. More importantly, it washes out easily but it won’t turn your pillowcase an awful color if you fall asleep with it in your hair. You won’t be able to reshape your hair too often throughout the day, but you’re not completely without the ability to do so; you’ll just need to add water.

8Mystic Man Styling Pomade and Beard Balm Oil MEDIUM FLEXIBLE HOLD

Pomade for Men
Mystic Man

Available on Amazon

As the name suggests, Mystic Man’s styling pomade is good for both the hair on your head and the hair on your face. Mystic Man stands behind its claim of all-organic products; in fact, all of their ingredients are certified by the USDA. The fact that it’s made – and sold – in California, a state with rigorous organic regulations, also backs them up.

The Organic Styling Pomade & Beard Balm’s list of ingredients also includes organic beeswax – a key reason for the pomade’s exception hold – coconut oil, olive oil, and other pure essential oils that provide control, moisture, and shine to your hair or beard.

The hold you’ll get with this pomade is medium and flexible, while your hair and beard look natural, not hard and crunchy like with other products. You’ll also like the fact that this pomade reduces hair and beard flakes while softening your whiskers.

9Lockhart’s Hair Pomade Goon Grease HEAVY HOLD

Pomade for Men Goon Grease
Goon Grease

Available on Amazon

Lockhart’s Goon Grease is oil-based – as you might expect. It certainly gets more than a few nods for the best oil-based pomade.

But it’s also, as its name implies, a pomade with heavy hold. Nonetheless, it doesn’t harden into a crusty layer like some pomades, which means you can re-style your hair throughout the day without excess pulling and tugging on the ol’ follicles.

It’s also perfect for pompadours, slick backs, jelly rolls and about every other style that comes to mind. That’s not a surprise, either, because company owner and pomade creator Steve Pomade had vintage pomades in mind when he created Goon Grease in his Michigan shop. And with a name like Goon Grease, it’s also no surprise that the pomade as a bright green tint to it. Dn’t worry, it won’t affect your hair color or leave a greenish tint on your pillow.

10Jovinno Natural Premium Pomade MEDIUM TO STRONG HOLD

Pomade for Men Jovinno
Jovinno Natural Premium

Available on Amazon

You may not be familiar with this French brand, but they specialize in high-end, natural hair products for men. That does mean that it comes with a higher price tag. But, if you’re concerned about what you’re putting in your hair, this is the pomade you want.

It’s surprisingly adept at manipulating thick and curly hair, and the hold is both strong and long-lasting. On the other side, it’s absolutely safe for guys with thinning hair, though it’s important to watch how much you use if you fall into this category. Funny enough, thought, there is a black tint to the product in the container, and while you’re tempted to believe that it would cover some gray hairs, it actually goes on clear. Jovinno has more of a matte finish than a shine, making it appear more natural.

Types of Pomade

Pomade comes in two types: oil-based and water-based.

• Oil Based

Pomades made with a mineral oil base have been around a long time and have provided many men with a shiny, well-groomed look. Oil-based pomades are usually less expensive than water-based pomades, but they can clog your pores while stripping your hair of natural oil. They’re also harder to wash out because of their oil content.

• Water Based

Finding a water-based pomade that provides a better hold than oil-based isn’t easy. Their advantage over oil-based pomades – besides being easier to wash out of your hair – is that you can re-style your hair throughout the day. They’ll also leave your hair with a less-greasy look. But you’ll usually pay more for water-based pomade.

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